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8 ways to improve precision die casting design level

Writer:Dongguan Yunhao ElecSource:Dongguan Yunhao Elec Date:2018.8.17
Die casting die is a method of casting liquid die forging, a process completed on a special die casting die forging machine.
Die casting production includes three key elements, including die casting material, die casting equipment and mould. The so-called die-casting process is to use these three elements organically, so as to produce the qualified castings with good appearance, internal quality, dimension in accordance with the requirements of the drawings or agreements, and even high-quality castings steadily and efficiently.
To make a set of high quality die casting mold, we need not only advanced processing equipment and skilled mold workers, but also good mold design.
Excellent die casting design features:
First, to satisfy customers' requirements for die casting die.
Second, low processing cost, small processing difficulty and short processing time.
Third, produce the qualified products in the shortest time.
As an excellent mold designer, not only to fully digest customer requirements, but also should have a full understanding of equipment, mold structure and production process and production capacity.
How to improve the level of mold design, on this issue, Dongguan Zhumei Metal Manufacturing Co., Ltd. based on their experience in die casting mold design and development, mold manufacturing, workpiece die casting molding, surface treatment, mentioned from the following ten aspects:
First, analysis of competing products and similar products in the market.
It can be analyzed from the direct or indirect competitor's die-casting products, which are living teaching materials, each product is a successful example, from the material, parting surface, push rod layout, etc.
Two. Read more books and magazines on die casting molds.
As a mold designer, master the mold design manual, usually read more books and magazines related to mold, always pay attention to the development of the mold industry, study some special mold structure, understand the latest technology and market situation of the industry development.
Three, reflect on past works.
Often reflect on their previous design of die-casting molds, which structures are successful, which structures can be improved, what improvements and help to the next design. Even if the design was very reasonable at that time, because of time and cognitive reasons, after the verification of production practice, there will certainly be improvements. At the same time, we should refer to the similar drawings designed in the past and draw lessons from it.
Four, multiple alternatives, provide the best solution.
Before drawing each set of mold products, we should think more about several schemes, weigh the advantages and disadvantages of each scheme, then the actual situation, and the unit leader, colleagues after consultation, one of the best.
Five, the whole process of tracking the mold designed by oneself.
After submitting the mold design plan, we should communicate with the production department to understand the processing process and manufacturing usage. We should take part in the mold test in person. Even if the mold is released, we should always track its usage.
Six. Familiar with mold processing technology.
Direct to the first-line factory to understand the processing technology, understanding the characteristics of each kind of processing equipment within the company, and limitations.

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